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Author: | Time:7/26/2012 9:34:21 AM

Huadong Hardware Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,LTD. the world's largest production base screen , with China's " hometown of wire mesh " Anping , Hebei, reputation , and strong technical force . East China Hardware Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the molding from the plate element, Roberts , welding tailoring bend to spray, dip the finished installation, service capabilities designed large-scale slope protection mesh, metal fence , fence, razor barbed , barbed wire and other protective products research, operating as an integrated enterprise.

Huadong Hardware Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,LTD. for some merchants to customize special specifications, models of razor wire , I come here because of the strong scientific research, production backing, flexible and sales management tools , network hardware industry in East China manufacturing Ltd. has created one after another impressive performance . Our factory workmanship, scientific means of testing the product in strict accordance with international standards for testing, we sincerely hope to establish close trade relations of mutual benefit and friendly cooperation on the basis of , and through our cooperation , leaving memories .

My company has been committed to the research and development of protective network products , with modern advanced production technology , and the development of the original foundation , developed a variety of styles of metal fence , diversification of products that have nice excellent three-dimensional effect, automated surface dip , but the product has a corrosion-resistant, anti-aging , acid, leg color , surface smooth , bright, feel good characteristics, thereby enabling the product to achieve perfection .

Huadong Hardware Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,LTD.,precisely because all my friends for our continued support and care, and all my colleagues for their hard work and pay , the company continued to develop and grow. Looking ahead , the company of people with a thankful heart , more the pursuit of excellence in performance, to contribute to the community , and customer service .

Huadong Hardware Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,LTD. sincerely hope that the new and old customers at home and abroad in mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of friendship , to establish good trade relations , welcomed the incoming letter to my business unit to guide the work for a better future !

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