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Packaging of Razor Wire

Author: | Time:7/26/2012 9:34:21 AM

Razor wire steel plate (blades) Stamping package attached to galvanized steel wire (wire) above,the sharp corners of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet made ​​blades made ​​of high tensile steel wire combination.Aka scraper -type razor wire barbed wire,is a protective developed in recent years,new protective isolation ability of network products.Sharp knife stabbed by a double buckle mounted after a belly like a snake,both beautiful and chilling.Played a very good deterrent.Meanwhile,the products are beautiful,discourage effective,convenient construction,etc..And with anti-corrosion, anti-aging,sunscreen,weather and so on.Corrosion in the form of electroplating,hot dip.The main products are galvanized sheet material and stainless steel plate.

Razor wire packaging is divided into two layers,the inner layer of moisture-proof paper;outer layer of woven ensure the security and integrity of the blade gill nets during transport.Transportation also is in two forms:one is to the entire volume razor wire stacked,compressed by pressing the charter,and then iron bandage dress this way produced 20-foot container,can make good use of space inside typically reach 19 to 26 t/20 small cabinet. Second,the volume will be razor wire neatly packaged code on wooden tray for easy loading and unloading trucks.

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