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China Textile Industry Association to be awarded Anping County"Chinese Wire Mesh weaving famous city

Author:admin | Time:3/30/2014 1:33:34 AM

August 12th to 13th, led by Vice Chairman Chen Shujin by the Federation of Chinese textile industry, China Industrial Textiles Association Li Lingshen, China Textile Industry Association Committee Director Zhao Yuejin, Hebei Province Industrial Textile Industry Association chairman Hou Qing Hua and a line of nine people, conducted the survey and evaluation of Anping wire mesh industry for 2 days.  Through on-the-spot investigation of key enterprises and platform, listening to the report, a comprehensive understanding of the historical status and prospects of Anping wire mesh. Provincial and Municipal leaders thought generally: woven wire mesh is an important component of textile industry, radiation three times industries of national economy, and is closely related to the strategic emerging industry, the development space and the huge growth potential, is typical of the sunrise industry. Anping wire mesh industry chain integrity, platform support strong, is the world's largest wire mesh industry cluster.

Future Anping to play advantage of regional brand gathered, high-end product development, fine management, construction of leading enterprises, build the enterprise aircraft carrier, promoting technological innovation of the whole industry chain, cross industry technical liaison, make full text at the senior professional forum etc., strengthen the industry organization and local government, enterprise cooperation, further enlarged Anping wire mesh voice and influence. The industry leaders agreed to Anping granted principle "wire mesh weaving famous city of China" title. To perform the procedure, in the Thirteenth session of China Anping international wire mesh Fair opening ceremony awarding.

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