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Barbed wire materials and surface treatment

Author: | Time:9/6/2016 12:07:16 AM


There are different metal material could make barbed wire and razor barbed wire .
Usually use by clients are galvanized barbed wire ,stainless steel barbed wire,
pvc coated barbed wire ,An-Zn brbed wire .

galvanized barbed wirestainless steel barbed wire

pvc coated barbed wire

Galfan wire is with 5%-10% Al and 90%-95% Zn. Galfan means GALVANIZATION FANTASTIQUE "an extraordinary galvanized coating". Galfan coatings wire offer 2 to 3 times the corrosion resistance of normal galvanized wire. Now, Galfan coated wire is mainly used in gabion products. Recent years, the application in barbed wire is getting more and more widely.

And galvanized material include electro galvanized barbed wire and hot dip galvanized barbed wire.
Hot dip galvanized barbed wire is better than the  electro galvanized barbed wire .

PVC coated barbed wire could be green color,blue color,yellow color,gray color,and other .

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