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Anping Huadong barbed wire factory tell you Barbed wire history

Author: | Time:9/9/2016 12:50:10 AM

China HUADONG tell you Barbed wire history:

As one of the three classic technological innovations that assisted in the economic development of the western United States (the others being the windmill and the revolver), barbed wire played a vital role in the development of the prairie-plains of Indian Territory after the Civil War.

Before barbed wire, people had started searching for the fencing materials. They are main wooden rails, stone, bush with barb, earth and so on. When colonists came to American continent, they began to seek to create a more economical fence.

About 400 years ago, people had started to produce cold rolled steel wire. Smooth-wire fencing was in general use when the first practical barbed wire appeared in 1868, created in New York by Michael Kelly. Because it used very sharp spikes. which often caused injuries to horses, cattle, and men, it was nicknamed "vicious" wire.

In 1874 Joseph Glidden patented a more marketable "obvious" barbed wire (with larger, dull-pointed, and safer barbs). Although hundreds of varieties were patented, the most popular were 2-Point Baker and 2-Point Glidden. This inspired him to invent and patent, a successful barbed wire in the form we recognize today. Glidden fashioned barbs on an improvised coffee bean grinder, placed them at intervals along a smooth wire, and twisted another wire around the first to hold the barbs in a fixed position. Courts declare Glidden the "Father of Barbed Wire".

From barbed wire successfully invented to today, Glidden's invention set off a creative frenzy that produced over 570 barbed wire patents. It is one of the intention changing the world. Many companies have begun production equipment for high-volume production.


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