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Melbourne homeowners install HuaDong barbed wire

Author: | Time:9/13/2016 9:23:34 PM

Frightened Melbourne homeowners, who armed themselves with baseball bats to fight potential burglars, are now fortifying their properties with barbed wire.

"That barbed wire is looking really good right now," one concerned resident says on Facebook.

Another claims she's already installed some.

"They will get cut to shreds trying to get over lol," she said on an unofficial neighbourhood watch page.

"And the best part is it's hidden so they don't know it's there until they grab it lol.

But as quickly as it has gone up, residents may have to remove any barbed wire they've installed.

Both Brimbank and Wyndham city councils - in Melbourne's west and southwest - require a building permit before barbed wire can be attached to fencing bordering the street.

Concerned locals have reluctantly given up night-time patrols of western suburb streets following pressure from police and local government.

Organiser Rob revealed this week he'd been threatened with arrest.

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