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Two Ways of Installation for Razor Wire Concertina:

Author: | Time:9/22/2016 2:07:59 AM

Concertina wire is a security fence with maximum safety when installed in proper method.

The right installation shall not conduct harm to the installers.

We introduce two installation methods for razor wire fencing barriers: one is fixed with the angle steel, another is supported with the Y post.

Installation Method One:

1. Fixed by the angle steel. Choose the angle steel height according to the coil diameter of the concertina. One angel steel per 3 meter distance. Inserted into the fencing wall directly.

2. Then fix the angle steel. Then install the razor barbed wire. 3 or 4 lines of steel wire placed. Then fixed with clips.

3. 3 to 7 clips for every two loops of razor wire. Extended into spiral shapes. Protective gloves are required when handling.

4. Fix one side of the razor wire extended. Then open it in the opposite direction. The distance of the opening shall not be too large, the openings shall be uniform and natural.

5. If the fences need to be collected, just loosen it in the starting direction. Simple and easy operation.


Installation Way Two / Installation of Y Support Post Fencing

1. Calculate the Y shape support post numbers needed according to the fencing length. One post per 3 to 5 meter spacing. Then fix the Y fence post to the fencing wall.

2. Punched holes of the Y post are designed according to customers requirements. The holes play a fixing role for installation of the concertina barbed wire.

3. One piece of steel wire is pulled along each side of the concertina wire through the Y support post. For fixing of the barbed razor wire. To avoid the waving of the concertina coils to the left or right side.

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