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HuaDong razor wire to be installed around the vessel Security measures in the ocean sea

Author: | Time:10/12/2016 12:42:19 AM

Practical Piracy in the ocean ship(or how to avoid it)

I know a few people on here are interested in the piracy problems in the ocean; 

We have a number of plans and precautions, most of which are generic in terms of self protection,

There are one broad areas - stopping them finding us, stopping them getting on board, and actions once they are on board.

The active measures consist of stringing razor wire around the ship's side, with extra coils around the accommodation to make it very difficult for pirates to actually climb through it and get on board:

The razor wire to be installed around the vessel.

The barbs on the wire are designed to have a piercing and gripping action.

The Razor wire we have on board is the one of (linked spirals) – the best and most effective.

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